The Inquiry is formed of four stages, as set out in the timeline below.

The Inquiry is currently in phase two, which involves the collection of evidence. During this phase, the inquiry will be hearing from a range of witnesses. You can read more about collecting evidence here.

Phase 1: Scope & Set-Up (greyed out to indicate that this stage is now complete)
- Following the announcement of the Inquiry in January 2021, the Inquiry was established in April 2021. In May 2021 the Inquiry launched a 10-week public consultation on the Terms of Reference.
- The Inquiry published the final Terms of Reference on 24th August 2021.

Phase 2: Collecting Evidence
- During this phase, the Inquiry team will be hearing from a range of witnesses including families, patients, staff, and relevant organisations. 
- The Inquiry will also be collecting documentary evidence and data to support our investigations.

Phase 3: Analysis & Report Writing
- The evidence collected during phase two will be reviewed and analysed.
- During this phase of the Inquiry, the report will be drafted and prepared for publication.

Phase 4: Publication
- The fourth phase of the Inquiry will involve the pre-publication procedures, publication of the final report and recommendations.